Loki Will Struggle With Identity & Control in Marvel Disney+ Show

Here is some news on the Loki television series as posted by ScreenRant.

Marvel’s Loki showrunner Michael Waldron says the trickster god will struggle with his identity and control on the upcoming Disney+ series. During his first appearance in the MCU in 2011’s Thor, Tom Hiddleston’s Loki was a tragic figure still wrestling with the truth about his birthright. He returned a year later as the villain in The Avengers, using the Tesseract to lead the Chitauri army’s invasion of earth on Thanos’ orders. Many fans took issue with Loki’s transformation from complicated antihero to two-dimensional bad guy in that movie, but it’s since been confirmed he was under the control of the Mind Stone.

Loki would go on to continue evolving in subsequent MCU films before dying a noble, if unceremonious, death at Thanos’ hands in Avengers: Infinity War. However, the version of Loki featured in the upcoming Disney+ series is the one who’d only just been defeated in The Avengers when he managed to escape with the Tesseract thanks to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes’ time-traveling shenanigans in last year’s Endgame. As such, it makes sense for Hiddleston’s Loki to be struggling with his old identity issues on the show, as Waldron says will be the case.

Speaking on the Forever Dogs Podcast, Waldron said Loki’s arc on the show will be informed by his journey in the MCU over the last decade, especially his personal crisis with his identity and control of who he is. You can read his full quote below.

“I think it’s the struggle with identity, who you are, who you want to be. I’m really drawn to characters who are fighting for control. Certainly you see that with Loki over the first ten years of movies, he’s out of control at pivotal parts of his life, he was adopted and everything and that manifests itself through anger and spite towards his family.”

Outside of The Avengers, Loki has typically been one of the MCU’s most fascinating characters. It’s never entirely clear what he wants and his allegiances can shift in the blink of an eye, much to his brother Thor’s disgruntlement. The version of Loki on the Disney+ series should be all the more of a wildcard; he’s only just been defeated by Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and hasn’t gone through everything that happened in Thor: The Dark World and Ragnarok, so even he’s probably uncertain of who he really wants to be. Plot-wise, the show will follow this iteration of Loki in the aftermath of Endgame, as he travels thorough time and “resumes his role as the God of Mischief.” As a result, he won’t be battling Thor or Odin for control over his life, but the agents of the Time Variance Authority (who, understandably, don’t take kindly to him messing with history).

With a premise that brings to mind DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Loki has the makings of one of the zanier installments in the MCU to date, in addition to being a great character piece for its star. Production has halted on the show over concerns about the coronavirus outbreak for the time being, but the hope is the series will be able to resume filming soon enough to still make a 2021 release date (even if it’s delayed from its original early 2021 launchpad). Having six episodes to fill, the Loki show has the potential to really dive deeply into the trickster god’s psychology and get to the heart of what makes him tick. So far, it sounds like Waldron and his team have every intention of doing exactly that.

Source: ScreenRant

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Flashback: Jaguar Commerical 2014

Since news on Tom has been slow, here is a flashback that you all might not only enjoy, but also remember. Back in 2014, Tom along with Mark Strong, Sir Ben Kingsley, and Nicholas Hoult was featured in Jaguar’s “Good To Be Bad” Campaign. Below are images from the ads as well as the video! Enjoy.


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Tom makes RedHot’s Top 100 Most Influential

Tom has made RedHot’s top 100 most influential redheads. They placed him at number 6 and he is on there amongst Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran, and Sir Elton John.

The most lovable villain of all time! Tom Hiddleston’s breakthrough role came as he played Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film, Thor. Hiddleston boarded at Eton College, and proceeded to study at University of Cambridge, where he earned a double first in Classics. He is the the recipient of many accolades including a Golden Globe Award and a Laurence Olivier award, and has been nominated for two Primetime Emmy awards.

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Huge Gallery Update

Over the past few days I have added quiet a bit of screencaptures to the gallery completing most of the missing captures for Tom’s various movies. Below is a link to those albums!

High Rise

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Loki Series Rumored to Feature Minutemen

While production on the Loki series has halted until further notice, here’s some news in regards to the features being rumored to be in the show as reported by Heroic Hollywood.

The Minutemen are rumored to appear in Tom Hiddleston’s Loki series on Disney Plus.

After recent set photos teased Tom Hiddleston’s Loki working with the Time Variance Agency, new casting details from IMDB seem to reveal the inclusion of the Minutemen in the Disney Plus series. For those not familiar with the robotic characters, they act as a police force for the timestream, keeping things in order for the universe. Since the Tom Hiddleston show will jump across time, it makes sense that the Minutemen would appear to try fix anything that’s out of place.

The Minutemen discovery originally came from Murphy’s Multiverse, who spotted that two members of the stunt crew are listed as playing the robotic warriors on Loki‘s IMDB page for two episodes of the series. Although the news shouldn’t be completely believed since the site can be edited by anyone, the Minutemen’s inclusion makes sense since the TVA will seemingly play a huge role in the Tom Hiddleston series. However, the reveal begs the question why the Minutemen haven’t appeared when the Avengers travelled back in time during Endgame.

Source:  Heroic Hollywood

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