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published on   March 26, 2020  filed in Site Maintenance / Twitter 2 

Hey everyone, I made a twitter account for the site and hope you can give us a follow! We’ll be following back. You can get to our Twitter page here.

published on   March 25, 2020  filed in Site Maintenance 1 

Since news on Tom has been slow, here is a flashback that you all might not only enjoy, but also remember. Back in 2014, Tom along with Mark Strong, Sir Ben Kingsley, and Nicholas Hoult was featured in Jaguar’s “Good To Be Bad” Campaign. Below are images from the ads as well as the video! Enjoy.


Other Projects > Commercials > Jaguar (2014)

published on   March 23, 2020  filed in Site Maintenance Like 

As I continue to work on more content for the site, I have opened up our icon library! These icons are exclusive only to Tom-Hiddleston.Org, so please credit and link back to us when using on forums and such since the making of this  archive took a lot of time and energy. So far we currently house over 100 Tom Hiddleston icons that range from Appearances, Movie Roles, Photoshoots, etc. The icon archive can be found here and open for you to view and save as many of them as you’d like!

published on   March 18, 2020  filed in Site Maintenance 3 

Our new layout is now online and active! Huge thanks to Kaci Elizabeth for the template. The gallery will also be converted to this new layout within the next hour or so. I have tested pages and it looks like everything is linked and working. Please contact me ( if you happen to run into any broken links.

I am still working on getting the gallery up to date, but have added over 4,000 images within the past couple of days. There is more to come within this week including an Icon Archive with tons of Tom icons and possibly a forum. Sadly, I have been out of work, and will be for the next month due to the pandemic that is ongoing in the world. Due to this I’m gaining a lot more leisure time, so getting new content for the site will come faster.

As always thank you for visiting and stay healthy and safe out there!

published on   March 16, 2020  filed in Kong: Skull Island / Screen Captures / Site Maintenance 17 

Welcome back to Tom Hiddleston Fan!

My name is Kristine and I am the new webmaster for the website!  Some years ago, I owned the Tom Hiddleston Network via at T-Hiddleston.Org. I ran that fansite for about three years before closing it’s doors in 2015 when my college and work life got busier. Since than I have graduated and that has rewarded me with more time on my hands. It has been a number of years since I’ve owned a fansite, but I am more than ready to get back into the routine of things! I still am a big Tom Hiddleston fan and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to run a fansite on him again. I would like to thank FanSiteHost for making that happen for me!

As of now I am working on getting the site back together and will be heavily updating the gallery with missing photos and screen captures. I will also be working on getting a new layout up that should be active sometime this coming week! In the meantime, I have added screen grabs from Kong: Skull Island in the gallery! Thanks for visiting and hope you give us another visit soon!


published on   November 3, 2018  filed in Site Maintenance Like 

Hello guys! This site has a new webmaster! I’ve already added the missing pictures from 2018 events to our gallery. During the next days I will create a Twitter account and continue to upload pics, stay turned!

published on   August 15, 2018  filed in Site Maintenance Like 

I would like to let you know why I am not updating this site often. I have to say that this is not my best summer. I am sick and also, I am having some personal problems. My partner needed to live in a new city so, I am alone trying to find a new apartment cheapest, and how I am unemployed, it is very difficult.

Anyway, I am going to add all the updates today and the next days because I don’t want to loose the sites. I really love this! As always, any help os very appreciated. If you want to donate to help me get more stuff, please, feel free to go here. Every little bit helps. Also, you are free to contact me if you want to talk. Thanks for all.