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25 Jun 2022

- Single Device Login System Added
- Refer Issues Fixed
- Private Room Joined Issues Fixed
- Time Limited Game Added
- Score Base Game Added
- Bot Win Ration Increase
- Display Refer Earning
- User Ban/Unban Issues Fixed
- Leaderboard Issues Fixed
- Minimize Issues Fixed
- 3 Skip Features Added
- Game Histroy Issues Fixed
- Testimonial issues Fixed
- FAQ issue Fixed

14 Apr 2022

- Improved UI (Changed Screen)
- Pass & Play Added (2,3 & 4 Player)
- Testimonial Added
- FAQ Added
- Payment Gateway Changed (Cashfree Added)
- Minor Issues Fixed
- Admin Dashboard error fixed
- Game History added
- Landing Page Changed (New Look)
- Menu Icon Issues Fixed
- Close Icon Issues Fixed
- Security Improved

09 Feb 2022

- Submit Hiidden Issues Fixed
- Coin Minus Issues Fixed
- Coin Not deduct issues fixed
- Chat Issues Fixed
- Private Room Issues Fixed
- Display Player Online Added
- Notice Section Added In App & Admin
- Withdraw Issues Fixed
- Refer Issue Fixed
- User Matching Time Increase
- Bot On/Off Features Added
- Force App Update Added
- Push Notification Added

18 Nov 2021

- Leaderboard Added In Game
- Leaderboard Added In Admin
- Chat Added
- Front Website Added
- Dynamic APK Upload Features Added In Admin
- Refer System Added
- Dynamic Refer & Signup Bonus Added
- Fixed Minor Bugs

Elite Ludo Real Money Earning Android App - 3

Elite Ludo is the online version of the most played board game – Ludo, with a great twist that you can play this game online for fun, and along with that, if you win, you will earn real cash. The goal here is to be the King of the ( Elite Ludo ) and if you want to be the king, you have to exercise your Ludo knowledge, you have to strategize your gameplay, you have to take calculative decisions, you have to pay attention, and with experience and expertise.

Elite Ludo is a free game where you can win real money in rupees in your Paytm Wallet instantly by playing games. It is a simple, fun, easy and classic strategy board game you can play with friends or online to earn money and for entertainment. Play the childhood dice game and entertainment is assured. Earn money while playing Ludo online for free Play ludo online with people around the world. Elite Ludo brings you the platform to play real money ludo against real players. Remember, Ludo is not only dependent on your dice. It is one of those real money games that requires great strategy & planning to get win over your opponent. Games are not a timepass anymore. Now you can use your gaming skills to earn real money. You can play games the whole day and you can earn real money. Elite Ludo provides you the safest and most entertaining platform to play your favorite game Ludo and earn money. There is a tournament option too where you can participate and play to earn much bigger prizes. Show the world who is the King of the Elite Ludo!

Elite Ludo Best Real Money Ludo Gaming App Elite Ludo With Online Multiplayers Real Money Android Game. Elite Ludo is an all new exciting online ludo game through which you can earn real money by playing against real players and tournaments. The game is packed with some amazing twists such as boosters and unique features that will enhance your ludo playing experience to a whole new level.

This app is all about ludo playing and you can win cash by playing ludo Online on our application. This application is only for entertainment no any other public policy related product so do you want to the play ludo with this.You Can play your favorite game with your real friends also the professional gamers & challenging the players.

Why we are best in Real Money Market?

We are not just a ordinary Ludo Game, We have tried our best that Players should have in a Real Money Games & keeping the game fair. We always keep our Players’s security on priority and the other hand providing 24*7 support. This is not just end, we also provide daily basis of offer where Players can win more.

How to Earn Ludo Cash with Real Money Earning Games

Player needs to open an account with Elite Ludo game. Once you sign up to the game, user needs to buy coins to play strategy game Ludo. To make money, player requires to choose table to play game. Showcase your skills among real time players and start playing. When you win the game, start redeem your earning coins into registered bank account, UPI or Paytm. Elite Ludo game is best for earning money in Paytm. Invite your friends and Earn Lifetime 1% Referral Income For Your Friends Every Game Play.

To Play Elite Ludo, You need to follow below rules
There is a ludo board, it is a square with a pattern on it in the shape of a cross, each arm being divided into three adjacent columns of eight squares. The middle squares form the home column for each colour and cannot be landed upon by other colours.

The middle of the cross forms a large square which is the ‘home’ area and which is divided into 4 home triangles, one of each colour. At each corner, separate to the main circuit are coloured circles (or squares) where the pieces are placed to begin. The starting square, the starting circle, the home triangle and all the home column squares are coloured to match the corresponding pieces.

Each player chooses one of the 4 colours (green, yellow, red or blue) and places the 4 pieces of that colour in the corresponding starting circle. A single die is thrown to determine movement. Players take turns in clockwise order; who throws the lowest score and the highest score i.e. 6 of dice can come out from the home and start the game. Each throw, the player decides which piece to move. A piece simply moves in a clockwise direction around the track given by the number thrown. If no piece can legally move according to the number thrown, play passes to the next player.

A throw of 6 gives another turn. However, continuous 3 times throw of 6 spoils your turn and gives the turn to the next player. If a piece lands on a piece of a different colour, the piece jumped upon is returned to its starting circle. And If a piece lands upon a piece of the same colour, this forms a block. This block cannot be passed or landed on by an opposing piece.


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