Color Pipes Puzzle Android App Game




Game Description

Achieve your flow state, by connecting dots of the same color.
Connect matching colors with pipe to create a flow.
Pair the colors, cover the board to solve the level.
Pipes will break if they cross or overlap.


  • Clean and minimalistic design, to focus purely on the gameplay
  • Over 120 challenging puzzles
  • Ability to reverse your moves
  • Play any level, any time!
  • Fun theme and music
  • Leader board
  • Fully customizable
  • Monetization through ads

When you purchase this game, you get a one-time support to modify the game, including:

  • Changing the loading screen
  • Changing the game name
  • Changing the game logo
  • Add your ads codes

I will recreate the aap file and send it back to you

Contact information is in the package file

App on Playstore:


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